TWO FIGHTING: a Poem by Yemi Ayo

Two fighting fought until day–break 
Day break
Day light 
Lightening everywhere
Evidence of light in every corner 
In a broad daylight 

In a broad daylight, two elephants fighting 
As big as elephants they are, the comparison suit their being 
Two ladies
The place two elephants fight, the grass suffers 

The place two elephants fight,
The grass suffers and bear the brunt, for tears to flow in abundance 
The ladies beat one another to a pulp 
Their clothes tore into shred 
Their clothes tore into shred, leaving them naked 
They beat themselves to a fault, almost to state of coma 
See blood flowing  
They fought for the love of their lives 
They fought for their hone
They fought for the sugar in their tea 
They fought over a man’s love 
The man profess love to them, but became a bias empire 
He is the judge, and the jury
Two fighting

Olayemi Ayo is a Poet whose philosophy of life is on social justice/fairness to all. He is a Nigerian who was born in Monrovia, Liberia, but finished his education in Abuja Nigeria. His friends call him Wordsmith.