WET PILLOWS, SWOLLEN HEARTS: a Poem by Ife Olujuyigbe

Wet pillows, swollen hearts
A gentle prick and the sobs will start
The words that come, the weighty ones:
Of venom, bile, and laced with thorns.

The ear that hears the words may stay
But the soul no more remains that way;
It breaks, it tears, it bleeds and pours
With bitter memory contours

Wet pillows, swollen hearts
The outcomes of a careless chat
I hope they learn to pick it right
The things they speak both day and night.

Ife Olujuyigbe is a young enthusiast about life. She's a dynamic writer of fiction and poetry, and then some. She sings, speaks, writes and reads at her leisure. Check some of her works on www.ifekleva.wordpress.com


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