SOFT EVERYTHING: A Poem by Deji Adesoye

You’d glee
To see
The great ecstasy that smothered
My heart
When I received
The soft copy
Of your new beautiful pic.
Softly impressed
My soul with actual presence.
I passed my evening
At the distant center of Love Garden,
There the cockatoo flurried my fancy,
Fluttered with
Soft melodies
About the fantastic hedges.

The envy
Of my friends, the
Soft copy
Of your pic in my PC
Enchanted their throttle.
I didn’t forget your soft voice deeply sweet
Over the phone; I couldn’t sleep.

Your yester night poem in
Soft copy greatly ministered to me
It would not slip through my fingers.
Thank providence; we are always in touch
Because completely soft,
Live and love
According to Microsoft.

But love is
A hard specie,
Much as ebony.
By necessity, my baby
Are hard your soft, lusty
Brown lips that make listless me
And put us on tremor verge
If I had
Soft erection
You christened it erectile
And pushed me on edge.
Won’t you earnestly in
Hard copy come
So we deliberate on making
Soft kitchen, soft dinner, soft bed, soft labour
And anon,
Soft you?

Born to an Ekiti family in Nigeria, ‘Deji W. Adesoye is an emerging poet whose fingers, either around the pen or on the keyboard, are a racy spokesperson of his mind; they bump on every here and there of human life in all its imaginable. Some of his poems are in Ijagun Poetry Journal. Adesoye is an epistemologist, political philosopher and essayist.