COMING SOON... 31 Days of Poetry 2014

In July 2014...

From the first day to the last: get ready as we celebrate poetry in EGC's annual 31 days of Poetry. The one poem per day online event will (as usual) be a blend of the Masters in the art with the upcoming... but most importantly, it is a celebration of Poets and their poems.

This year features mostly Poets who have not been featured before, especially Masters such as Chiedu Ifeozo, Afam Akeh, Donna, Obari Gomba, and more. Some future-Master-Poets will also be 'dinning' with them.

It's free... Just log on and share the fun.

It's hmm... you will read words and get high in them!
So, we bet you would not want to miss this widely read online poetry 'thang'. And we trust you will join us in reading, sharing online, and of course connect with these Poets: If you missed last year edition, refresh yourself, Click the links below: