Why do you think
Only the good
Die young?

This body simply
Has a threshold
For piety

When it caps
It seeks beyond
This weak body

For Cells
Beyond human

Celestial cells
Not made of mud
And dirts

Prince Adewale Oreshade is a Lawyer who has practiced both in Nigeria and USA. He is the author, editor and publisher of six books of Poetry; Sad Nectar, Poetry of Love. Elegy to the Students of Buni Yadi, #BringBackOurGirls; Cries of the Ink, Rice Politics: A Waleje Sonnet, and Dora Lives On. He has also authored Two Essays titled Understanding Freedom In The Light Of Morals, Ethics And Customs – In The Quest For World Peace; An Exegesis On Clash Of Civilizations, and Defining Self As A Universe; The Futility Of Vices, And The Quest For Happiness. All these works can be found on his website www.princeadewaleoreshade.com.
He won the Editor’s Choice Award and the Best Poem and Poet Award of the International Society of Poets in 2008. And he has over the years overseen the publication of books, essays, magazines and pamphlets. He was mentioned twice as one of 50 top poets who rocked Nigeria by EGC. He has over the years started a new form of Poetry called the Waleje (www.facebook.com/FacesAndVoices101). He describes it thus: “Waleje has a unique style. It's a septet - seven line poetry. But very different from a Diamante. It has no rules that must be adhered to, neither does it have a style. Its only style is that it has no style. It encourages freedom of the pen. It's a form of Poetry that focuses more on the wisdom to be communicated, than the form it takes in communicating. It assumes mankind is a simple being, and loves wisdom transferred to him in the simplest of wheels, so that it is not only interesting but also thought provoking.”


  1. Nice...
    I however fault the line: Only the good die young. Totally not valid.

    1. Been busy of late. But if I may, now that I see Kukogho Iruesiri Samson holds a place in a 'Pulse' platform that Critic works of poetry, and give prizes. Owoade Adewale tagged me in his Entry yesterday, let me help you understand this poem further even in your literal realm view. Just so that, it may shape your horizon of depth when reading works for Awards.

      Perhaps, what you should concern yourself more into is the Moral question of Good and Bad, and Time question of Young and Old. I will ease this for you - No action is Bad, and that's why every 'evil' doer has a good reason for their actions. That the reasoning isn't popular doesn't invalidate their Intention. Robin Hood et al. People, and even States kill for supposed Just Causes daily.

      Now on Time, and its relation to Age. First ask yourself this - what is Time without the Sun and the Moon? Will we have time if the Light rotation was absent? That constant infinity that exist in Space, and Beings, is why we should never think of one as Old. We are Young in meta-philosophical terms, and so are we in biological terms. That still beauty of eternity.

      I never really break down poetry, but you forced this pen this time. And I reiterate that 'all poetry is Art, you can correct grammar, but never insight. And sometimes, even grammar has within insights.' Poetry is delicate.


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