31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 18- STRANGE WORLD- by Enigmatic Olumide

I see blue
With all the stars in splendour
My being could not have fathomed
How o’er the sands I still see life
The wells, the seas, the universe
No vacuum I see not to have been filled
Earth, wind, water, and fire
Depravity of our old run state

I hear music
And the tunes I could not decipher
Birds patch on my window
Bugs buzz up on the trees
While the air itself
A music of freshness
Like the gods bless our presence in rhythms
My being is renewed with healing
While the woods stay close like pals
Still filling my home at the new dawn

I pray
Let me sleep away in this garden
Of nature like manure to my growth
No need to wait for heaven
This world in itself is built for such
The meals, the herbs, the feeling
Of freshness and life in sane
Beautiful to sight and soul
Where nothing else breaks the old layers
But for technology I fear the odds

I see doom
When smokes I could not curtail
Fill the air and the earth in pain
Animals cry and run for safety
Maybe in afterlife we’ll see them again
The sand could no longer hold ground
Its top notches are washing away
Help! t’s chaos but we’re not alarmed
My eyes turn in high speed
I’ve been teleported to a strange world

(Written: 06.09.13. 4:00-4:20pm)

Olumide Bisiriyu, also known as Enigmatic Olumide, is a writer, performance poet, and actor. He has performed poetry at various events, both secular and spiritual, in western and northern parts of Nigeria. He is the curator of Ibadan based Poetry and sundry Talent event called ‘Be Blessed’. He also coordinates EGC’s #31daysPoetry and #EGCtop50. His blog, ‘The Enigmatic’ was nominated as most inspiring blog in Nigerian blog awards 2011 and Best Personal blog in 2012. He was the first NYSC member from North-West-Nigeria to publish a book and second person in entire Northern Nigeria, according to National Library of Nigeria. He was selected as one of the authors in ‘If Yu Hie Se A De Prizin’, an anthology of poems in Naija language launched in April 2012 in Abuja, Nigeria. His poem, ‘And We All cried’ was also on Naija Stories anthology on June 3, 2012 Dana plane crash in Lagos. He is on several other anthologies, yet he’s working on a spoken word album and his second book; a Poetry collection. His website (www.denigmatic.net) is currently undergoing reconstruction but he can be reached on his blog (www.edimulo.blogspot.com) or his twitter handle @enigmaticedi. Olumide lives on 3 businesses namely Real Estate consultancy, Photography, and Video/Film making.