31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 19- REVIVING JUSTICE- by Olanrewaju Freedom

Injustice creeps in like a thief
To loot the stalls of justice
And deny it a home to live in
Now! Justice is homeless
The nation is clueless.

Employed by civilized robbers
In the guise of nobles
Injustice embarks on a devilish mission
To stab justice to death
Now! Justice is dead
Living is hell!

Corruption empowered to reign
Justice groans in pain
Stoned by the treacherous
Abductors of the nation's treasury
Now! Justice is hospitalized
The nation is sick.

Ashes poured down the throat of the poor
No voice to declare their choice
Nepotism legalized
Favouritism favoured
Now! Justice is dumb
Citizens' rights bombed.

No justification for a satire
Not clothed in 'solution's' attire;
Like the swaying trees
Beaten by the winds
But not broken;
We can withstand the odds
By rising up in unity
To proclaim our choice
With a unified voice

Caught up between the raging inferno
And the deep blue sea
We can call unto one another
With truth, love and unity as our banner
And like the Israelites,
The deep blue sea shall meekly part before us.

Clarity of hope remains undiminished
Once our positive deeds are not leached
Justice stolen is found
With the truth as our hound.

Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom was born in the early 90s in Osun State, Nigeria. At about age six, he became mentally conscious of the odds that could either make or mar. His deep observation of life gave birth to his literary life. Unlike most children, whose childhood is characterized by social activities, Olanrewaju spent time alone to engage in logical thoughts that pushed him to grab the pen and express his inner feelings. Freedom has been featured in diverse international anthologies like United We Stand, April Rains, Twist of Fate, Heavens Above Poetry Below, Mandela, World Healing World Peace Poetry etc. He is an Awardee of Janet P. Caldwell's Essay Contest underwritten by Inner Child Press (USA), providing him the opportunity of publishing his first poetry collection with the press. His other poetry collection, The Light Bearer was published by Nevermore press also in the United States. His literary works reflect his passion to positively transform humanity by equipping his readers with knowledge.


  1. This is cool and I'm over filling it. Like Efe Paul would say, "Justice has been kidnapped in my country, and nobody Or you and I is willing to pay her ransom" . Nicely written Bro, we shall all be alive to witness true justice with no isms

  2. Nice.
    So much for Justice.
    She would be proud!


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