What if I’m not the only one?
Willing to live
Like the sun shines
After the dark find a way to attack daylight
What if I’m not the only one?
Willing to live
Like the lost truth in the lung of a culprit
Truth, may be lost in the wind of centuries
But one day, it will be revealed
Like the life that hides behind the heart of widows
Till the moment they decide to finally let go
What if I’m not the only one?
Willing to live
Without building a castle of fear beneath
Without falling in silence
Without constructing verses of lies as fence
Just to defend my weakness
Because I know that our elders too
And our leaders too
Do play the role of cowards in this unending drama of life
Where our Rights remain a bicycle that must not be rode

What if I’m not the only one?
Willing to smile
Not because I'm fine
But because I could afford anger
While all victims still fall victim of fright
Just to postpone their already made death sentence
When starvation is the biggest thing they ceased not to lack
Still hide behind the curtain of terror trying to redact their bitterness
While darkness still imprisoned our souls into the thought of a little
more lie won’t hurt
Still teach us  that there’s nothing cruel about wanting to make
excess profit even if the buyers are poor

What if I’m not the only one?
Willing to hate this quietness
This stillness
This greed
That made the world a twin
Where few birds enjoy the meal
While the chefs live on empty belly
Still, we all converge at the assembly of anxiety
Waiting for change to take a sit
Without an invitation
Not even a call
Just enough tears
Gushing out like blood

What if I’m not the only one?
Willing to speak
To stop justice from being chained alive in a coffin
To release change from the prison of greed
To let us know that we must with our own hands plan our hearts' surgery
And split the links between living and the capillaries that carries
lie's disease
For living is not about how long you can breathe
But how many stains you can clean
Before your death is born into reality
For this once
Is the only opportunity guaranteed

What if I’m not the only one?
Afraid of dying,
When nothing is changing.
What if you're not the only one
Willing to invite change
After reading this poem.

Kemi  Islamiya Bakare (aka kemistry) is a young poet, a spoken word artiste and a teacher. She emerged the overall winner of the "Open Mind & Mic" session of Wordslam Five organized by Goethe Institute Lagos. She reviewed a shortlisted children literature for the NLLG AWARD organized by CORA ART in 2011. In 2013 she was awarded the Loudthotz best poet for the month of May. Kemi has been shortlisted in various poetry competitions such as The Nigeria/Zimbabwe poetry Exchange, Society of Nigerian authors. She has performed as a spoken word artiste in various events such as The Lagos black heritage festival, WordUp, metro  open  mic, coterie, Picturez magazine launch, just to mention a few. She has a collection titled 'LIVING GHOST’ and is currently working on a collection titled 'WHAT I HAVE BECOME'.


  1. her poem did remind me of another poem.

    What if we love another
    And live beneath a roof...

    Nice write.

    Ridwan adelaja

  2. Exactly Sir Adelaja, I quickly reminisce those lines of ours,
    "What If Naira absorbs value
    To equal pounds not dollar".
    This poem is totally calling us for change, especially it's last lines. Good one poetess


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