31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 21- PEVERELL'S CLOAK- by Emmanuel Dairo

Wear this Peverell-cloak
The hallows' last bequest
Let Ventrilos dazzle with elder
The world needs nought but voice
and feet

Take Dickinson-strides and pay no
To where certain fame lures -
certain gusts attend!
Nor linger where choreographed
steps twist to beats
Of old drums beaten by new

Like Uruk's monarch,
you do not thread the plains
Lonely; the gods have bestowed
you enkiddus of words
Humbabas a-plenty dare your
- Nestled in shallow minds and
stinking hills.

Emmanuel is from Ikota in Ondo state and holds a B.A from the English Department at the  University of Lagos where he graduated at the head of a brilliant set. He dabbles into poetry every now and then and is presently working on a maiden collection.  He prefers to work -- and play -- away from the spotlight.