31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 22- LA ON- by Sage Hasson

Once upon a land
A pride of lions walked the earth
The earth was fine like Eden
Back when impossible was nothing
So every creature took everything for granted
Everyone got exactly what they wanted
It was a life-sized buffet you did not wait to be invited
So a young lion thought to explore Eden
He was confident
Cocky even
So he set out and toured the earth
He roared all over the earth
Watched monkeys swing from trees
Listened to conversation buzzed by bees
Mystified by angel birds singing he thought these must be Alicia's keys
He saw rivers snake through rains
Watched snakes imitate the rivers on the terrains
He squinted at a million ants marching on track he named it a train
He gaped at birdlike creatures with necks like cranes
As other birds taxied and took off he swore they were airplanes
Then lion came upon a lamb
It was so tender he devoured it one time
Afterwards he was smitten with guilt
And he mourned the lamb
The lion thought about the lamb so much that he began to think like a lamb
Before he would act any thought out he would ask WWLD
What would lamb do
Soon all of 2den became aware of the lion that was gentle as a lamb
His pride couldn't understand him
They mocked him because he had become different
They called him limb or lily
The other creatures called him lambion
But a wise owl christened him La On
And so he became a legend
And creatures came from far and wide
Cos word of him spread
About a lion and a lamb dead
And how the lion gave the lamb its life so they said

Though we are far from Eden
Yet even the weak is eaten by the strong
Truth is true strength is tender
And it’s not about the gender
Strength is the capacity to build
To give
Not the power to destroy
Remember not every city is built like Troy
Sometimes strength is in weakness
Don't undermine your softness
Fire lacks form but its hot
And water meanders through anything because it is soft
Strength is not necessarily being immovable as rock
Put your rock in a sock
You need to get your La On
Be strong for the weak
Be strong even when you are weak
Let your yin ang yang take you to the peak
There find that which you seek
And achieve unequalled feat
Learn to take the heat
Not everything you see you eat
You git
Get your La On

A poet, writer, thinker, teacher and author Sammy Sage Hasson is recognized as Nigeria's premier spoken word poet. He got engaged in musical activities forming bands and studying groups like the Beatles, writing lyrics and poetry, performing shows and writing for a local newspaper back in Jos when he was 17. His national debut was at the 1st Hip Hop World Awards in 2006, but he has performed at hundreds of major non-poetry events like 2 Hip Hop World Award Shows, This Day Music Festival, Arts Alive's Speak The Mind In Jo'burg; he has performed near a hundred brand poems - poetry specifically created for companies and products from UniLever, Coca Cola, MTN, Celtel, NBL, Diageo etc. He has organized workshops and performances for schools and cultural organizations like British Council, Goethe Institute, Lekki British Int'l, Green Springs Int'l and more. He has recorded and released 2 albums and 3 videos. As a music executive he has worked with a lot of musicians such as MI, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, Tosin Martins, Jagunlabi and some upcoming artistes. His latest book was titled Dream Maker, an inspirational/motivational fiction, was published in the UK and is currently spending his time thinking and speaking wherever opportune.