31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 26- JUST FOR YOU- by Moses Opara

I never knew
how love would be,
I never knew
how my path would be
until I learned to be
just for you.

I will tell of the wondrous
work, God made
beautiful like a mermaid,
radiant like a diamond
and glowing like the stars.

in your heart, I heard
the word,
in your eyes, I saw
the world,
in your heart,I saw
the beauty of hope and love,
how beautiful your smiles
framed my soul
from a distant miles.

I sit here dumbfound
under the cold wind,
with my pen and mind
shading your face
on blank leaves,
while the birds chirped
awaiting for the sunrise.

I will be there for you
when the night cover you,
I will be there for you
to hold and stand with you,
I will be there for you

Just for you, yes you,
I want to be for,
hold my heart
through the rain
and after the rain,
will you?

Moses Opara is a young poet from Imo-state, Nigeria. His poems are mostly prosaic with no particular preferred structure and his themes mostly explore the plight of the poor masses, and how to make the society a better place. His experience while growing up in the ghetto with a poor widowed mother have largely influenced his poetry. Politics and religion have also been a major theme of his, he could therefore be called a socialist poem, some of his poetry works have been featured in international anthologies , the stephen L. Wilson anthology, 'angels cries'(for charity to raise fund for the victims of connecticut shooting), also the grape vine anthologies, etc. Apart from writing, Opara also expresses his creativity in the visual arts, stand up comedy and acting. A graduate from the federal government college Rubochi, Opara aspires to pursue a full degree in mass communication soon. And he hopes to inspire many generation.