31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 27- I CHALLENGE THE GODS- by Iyeomoan Ehizogie

For the haps and mishaps
Skewing our progress
To the left- Northwards
To circuits unplugged
By the eye of redundancy
I challenge the gods!

With red clothes
O'er my enclosures
Like straps on feminine feet;
And with white bandanas
Tied around my bald,
I remain unshaved to
Unlock these dreadlocks...

With rage boiling
Like a steam-turbine
I lock horns with strange knuckles...
Then I loose.
My first fist fumbles
My wrestler's wrist rests
In the comfort of forceful sleep.

Without caution
I shall dance naked
In markets and garages
Creating shady scenes
Around parks
Magneting emotions
That stir puddings of pity
Without shame. I unmask!

I shall take my role
In the centre of attraction
Me versus spirits unseen
Regaled in the hue of warfare.
I dare the worse. I shall stand!

To tricks as empty as death
My back shall fail to kiss the earth.
Like a cat undaunted-
My back shall fail to kiss the ground.
Go tell the gods-
"I challenge them!"

IYEOMOAN EHIZOGIE is a young Nigerian student, a monochrome artist, columnist of the Economist-Nigeria Online Blog, and ultimately a poet par excellence. He currently won the Silver prize for Poetry at the Korea-Nigeria Poetry Feast, 2014 and his acclaimed the youngest port to receive the prize. His works are geared towards 'changing the psyche of aborigines of earth that black is blind, and white, better refined'. His notable works include "WE ARE AFRIKANS", "THESE GHOSTS SHALL DANCE AGAIN", "THEY MURDERED SLEEP" and other thrilling pieces of art.



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