Romantic love is a fickle bastard,
Sweet bastard,
Innocent bastard,
Pure and faithless bastard,
First, it is ignited by sight,
Sparks showering out of a clear sky,
At the first glimpse,
Adonis, Eve,
His Grecian beauty and heavenly smile,
Her warm curves and graceful laugh,

Then quickly It moves on,
Flirty butterfly this,
And settles on personality,
His understanding, courage, gentility,
Her care, kindness, respect,
It stays here awhile,
Resting its colourful delicate, fickle wings,
On forgiveness, life stories, knowledge,

Till slowly it swells,
And bursts into rainbow feathers,
Falling on physical attraction,
First kisses, tender touches,
It burns hot and fast,
Hardly pausing till climax,
There it settles between bedsheets,
And familial fleshly geography,

Slowly it builds strength,
And moves to arguments, quarrels,
Beating its unfaithful wings,
Against hurts, insecurities and doubts,
Exhausted it perches a while on,
Familiarity, routine, and the occasional tumble in the hay,

As its colourful wings darken to black,
It lives on the expectation of others,
And dines on the remnants of firstness,
Soon it shall have only sturbonness, and sheer will to carry it,
Whence it will go then,
I cannot say,
The fickle bastard might somehow,
Get back its freshness and firstness,
Or live out the rest of its faithless life on familiarity?
Who can tell?

Onwuasoanya chika Jones is a budding novelist and poet, his poems have been published in several anthologies including the Oja Oba market, Nigeria, 52 years after and others. He is the Organizer of the Swords of words spoken word poetry competition in FUTO, Owerri, Imo state and the winner of 'War of words' season 2. Most of his works can be found online at Wrrpoetry, mymindsnaps and wordup411ng blogs and websites. When he isn't writing, he reads voraciously. You can reach him at scriblerian7@gmail.com and www.facebook.com/chikatito jones.


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