Time is that appealing intersection  
The diverging stretch
Between the pain of becoming 
And the joy of ripeness

And the pain was…

Puss filled
Fungus infested

The bane of our strife
Celebrated on a vengeful grill
Marinating in its own oils
Anger lack fear lethargy

Reminiscence is a sore made raw anew by
Constant gnawing at the past
The past is
A dagger twist in our psyche

It is boko fanatics ripping the fabric of our calm
It is the rape of the Delta
Birthing damaged flora and fauna
It is empty stomachs and diseased children

Time is the diverging distance
The stake at which we
Uncloak ourselves of the grime
Burn yesterday’s wrongs

Watch it go up in flames of forgiveness
Disappear amid fumes of cooperation
Then we can embrace the hope whose
Pinnacle radiates a promise for tomorrow

Let us together
Rise from the vermin
In the glimpse of dusk
Before the embrace of dawn

We will yet find that 
Distant spark
We will yet effervesce in the 
Vibration of Mother Nature 
That growth demands of us

Let us resuscitate not 
Lest our vision be benighted
For time is the appealing distance
Between the pain of becoming and
The joy of our prime

Iquo DianaAbasi Eke is the author of 'Symphony of Becoming' and, one of the shortlisted poets for NLNG Poetry Prize 2013. She is a writer, an actress, and a Performance Poet who has featured in events such as Macmillan Literary Night, The Lagos Black Heritage Festival, Word Slam, Lagos Poetry Festival, Word and Sound, etc.