31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 3- CHIBOK- by Senator Ihenyen

away from Chibok
all the learning and laughter at school
lost to the lorry from the Sambisa Forest
Mother's smiles, father's arms
the classroom, and the teachers -
all gone

outside the school fence,
inside the walls of fear and terror
guns poking my legs
camouflage all around me
bullets and amulets

Only this morning I was a Chibok girl
Tonight, a bleeding woman
Teardrops running
down the eyes -
a slave, a captive

Chalk powder from the blackboard
now ashes of villages from the bomb blast,
burnt dreams
burnt hopes

My body, my being
Now without borders
dead inside

Senator Ihenyen is a practicing Lawyer, writer and poet. His debut collection, Colourless Rainbow got honourary mention in the ANA/Gabriel Okara Prize for Poetry in 2011. The Founding Editor of Green Griots Literary Consultancy, he has completed a second collection, Stranger in the Mirror of My Life and Other Pieces, a work centred on HIV/AIDS.


  1. What can be more compelling than this?
    80 days and still counting,
    our girls
    still somewhere unknown to us
    know to them that we see not...


  2. lately, I began thinking about the miss and The whereabout.

    And when the world cup came, it was so sad we prefered ball to our girls.

    If we had declined playing in the host in honour of our girls. How respected would it had been.

    Thanks for driving us back to the realities of our state.

    A good piece to share.

    Ridwan adelaja

  3. Yes! Our girls are still missing
    Remember, Malaysians too are missing
    God! Bring them back in peace
    And not in saddening pieces

    Good one for the day three here. Nice one from a Barrister-Poet!

  4. We pray our hope is not dashed!
    '' sometimes I wonder if Nigeria could ever be free from the clutches of terriorist''
    A brilliant piece

  5. A very good one.

  6. the painful reality...
    well captured emotions

  7. An interesting representation of the Chibok tragedy. Keep on writing Senator.

    Afam Akeh

  8. A true reflection... of the sad realities of our miserable national life. well done!


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