Mortals of bony marrows, monsters!
Thinkers of truths that dwell in evils
Chattels, birthed in blood of vengeance
Trekkers of miles with warm fuzzies
Orators, soothsayers of future tone
Were they the ones who built Rome?

Men of shameful gains in reviving parlance
Those that fed throng with heavy words
Siblings of the gods, menders of souls
Souls that solely soulfully trod with soles
Labourers, harvesters of sweats; alone
Were they the ones who built Rome?

Fathers afar, who fatherly fathered our fathers
Tillers of ground; groaned on homeless holms
Ardent learners, shackled chattels, translators
Of the Holy books, victims of various apostasies
Kings and queens on thrones with no crown
Were they the ones who built Rome?

Those whose twin kids were abominations
Who served gods beyond their rivers
Beings whose laws dwell off their borders
With governing parliaments beyond shores
Stained hearts that freedom can only atone
Were they the ones who built Rome?

Dwellers of graves, egotistic freedom fighters
Living legends, witnesses of independence
Debris of severe coups, survivors of the wars
Vouchers of better days; impunity witnesses
Reapers of loots that gave our future to pawn
Were they the ones who built Rome?

Was the first Rome built in a day?
Definitely No! But, was built by agog minds
Who left their present for mighty posterity
For their Rome to become allusion for nations
Where then are the labourers of our home
Who shall faithfully build us our Rome?

James Ademuyiwa is in his early 20s. He started writing poetry with consciousness at the close of the year 2013. He has been featured in different online poetry competitions. He was the second winner of #WordsCanWordsDo? handled by an online platform on Facebook (Words Rhymes and Rhythms). He's looking forward to be decorated with more accolades in the nearest future.


  1. you have indeed raise serious questions here.

    The one who seeks A change without taking a step can only change nothing.

    And For our rome to be built on earth we need to certify your poem.

    James, yours is a well built piece... A good one for literary appreciation.

    Adelaja Ridwan

  2. Now, who shall build this Rome?

  3. Lovely write bro.

  4. I love this piece! I was reading it aloud. The alliterations are perfect.. Weldone Sir.

    1. Ma'am Neo, thanks for showing up this time to read my humble piece

  5. engaging poem, well crafted, raising deep issues, poignant. lovely use of descriptions, rhymes and alliterations...all in all, beautiful.
    I really enjoyed it...
    the poet sounds like a political activist...lol

    1. Hehehehe, Well, you just mentioned the name my Mum doesn't want me to answer (Political activist) but, in one way or the other, I'm portraying the name in my little way. Thanks for reading.

  6. I STOOD UP AND APPLAUDED AS I FINISHED THIS PIECE!!!! WOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!! THE BEST I HAVE READ SO FAR IN THIS SERIES. Like i said at the War of Words Vol. III, you certainly have a wonderful mind with your words. They come alive on page. Please do not stop writing and keep working on a performance style that works best for you and that you can work with in spite of the classical styled manner in which you so beautifully write!

    Well done!

    1. Moma Donna, I know how dedicated you are towards building poetic soldiers so, I can feel your feet on the ground while you stood. Thanks for the all time advice that keeps me going. I know before December, I'll be better than now. Love you so much. Less I forget, I fell in love with your prowess the first time I read your interview on Wordup! **winks**

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  8. 'Rome was not built in a day' we say, in a bid to cover our ineptitude.
    But some persons indeed built Rome. Back home, who shall build our own Rome, regardless of our long it takes.

    I think the answer lies in us all.
    Well written sir.

    Thought-provoking question
    'Who built Rome?!'
    No be ghosts!


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