31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 8- CALCULUS- by Soonest Nathaniel

We solved the differential of our existence
By counting small stones;
But they came
and said that the depths of our minds
were way too shallow.
Their analyst said we needed
precise axioms and definitions
To capture the ghost of departed quantities.
So they plotted our lives
On their X-Y charts,
Their palmist read geometric woes
From the lines of our palms
And said; ‘this is the limit
to which your fish brains can function’
But I ask,
Who gave them the rights to run evaluations
And pose theorems of existence?
Who gave them the impetus
To fix yardsticks
And set standards of living?
Who said we are but indefinite integrals
And who made them higher order derivatives?
O tell them,
Tell them that we know
There is a rate of change,
Tell them we know
That the circle is bound in continuity,
Tell them that
We need not their almighty formular
To solve the equation
Of our utter confusion.
Tell them that
We can fix our stochastic systems,
And can find the roots of our own identity.
O tell them
That we shall cover the erotic distance
Between dreams and reality;
When speed and time shares a sweet romance.

Soonest .I. Nathaniel aka SIN currently holds the title of poet of the year for the Korea-Nigeria poetry festival 2014. He has become a household name in the poetry circles, adroit in both written and spoken-word poetry. A graduate of mathematics and computer science, he skillfully weaves science and poetry. Winner of a plethora of awards and innumerable honorable mentions, he has been published on Lyriversity, Sentinel Nigeria, Seaview poetry, Wikicolumn, Loudthots, Kalahari review, EGC, WRRP, Pearls literary to mention but few. He performed at the Lagos Tribute to Mandela as lead by Wole Soyinka, and has performed at virtually all the big Spokenword events in Nigeria, including and not limited to Word-up, Lagos Book and Art Festival, Lagos Black Heritage festival, Freedomhall, Chill n relax, swords –of-words, BE BLESSED etc. Currently he’s working on his anthology and a spokenword album. His pieces can be watched, listened to and downloaded on youtube, word-up tv, sarabamag, bluelotusmuse, soundcloud, etc. He can be followed via twitter using the handle @rector_rue.


  1. Yes, we may tell them. But if we tell them, will we actually be able to do these things? I mean, will we allow ourselves do these things?

  2. I support KIS, are we efficient enough to carryout these actions? This is a challenging piece, call to be responsible! Good one Soonest!

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  4. They've always known that we know. But they can't just let go. We as well don't even help our cause as we keep selling ourselves to them.

    I love the style you adopted here


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