BEYOND THE ORDINARY- a poem by Yommy Bishop- Poet of d Week

Sorrow, tears and blood
Filled every date of my diary
Scattered bodies and souls
Marching their way to the cemetery.
How did it get to this?
My esteemed Nigerian dream
Our leaders must be sleeping in their plenary
Politicizing the Assembly, playing to the gallery
Wallow and swimming in heresy
Devising mischief and delivering wicked counsel in their seating
Greedy pattern, resources embezzled with no pity

Great pandemonium in the land
Blood sucking Babylonians invaded the city
Marching gallantly everywhere
Also from Sambisa to the FCT
Scattered body parts seen more than twice on the street
Our Armed forces spins, swallowing another pill of defeat
Sorrow, tears and blood, an everyday blog.
Fulani herdsmen killing
Shedding innocent blood with no feelings
Our school boys slained and maimed
By the Babylonians in Zion city gate
Our young girls abducted and restrained
Sold away as sex slaves
Lost in Chibok before the crow of the cock
Men in uniform, deceiving and killing in the name of the Lord
Sponsored by the high and mighty
Sabotaging for the purpose of hierarchy
Leading on to the state of Anarchy.
Northern monsters feeding on human meat
Callous bastards, aiming for the highest sit.

Let him wear it, he who thinks the cap fits
But remember, uneasy lies the head that wears the Crown
This is the more reason we need to stand
Stand as a nation and stand in gap
Intercede in prayers and erase the frown
In unison lets fight this battle
Lets cry to God for a brand new Mantle
Even though at present we have a weak and feeble head
Shoeless and Clueless as some have said
But lets pray and put an end to these blood sheds
Lets preach peace and unity by staying together
Lets once again make love with one another.
Only if we can see beyond our nose
The pestilence that has invaded our coast
Then we will see through my diary
That what has befallen us is beyond the Ordinary.

©May 2014

Yommy Bishop celebrates his birthday every 11th day of October. He's an Estate Surveyor by profession and a writer by Passion. The CEO of Bishop & Knights; he loves Music, Reading, Writing, Drawing and also paint words on pads. He has a poetry blog called "Yommybishops blog" and a facebook poetry platform called "Pen Pals & Pads". He is also a partner in the popular Poetry and sundry Talent event in Ibadan City called ‘Be Blessed’.


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