LIFE IN TWOS- a poem by Saint Rhymes- Poet of d Week 250814

Life in twos
You and I
we and them
Group of twos
A pair of shoes
Rice and stew
A singer and his crew
Earth giving vapor
Heaven dropping dew
A preacher on the pulpit
And a mixed multitude on the pew
An administrator and a long queue
Dictators and a frightened few
Isn’t this a bundle of clues
That life is meant to be in twos?

I found a truth
Tried and true
What a vantage view it is
when you see life in twos
A life beyond you

Take interest in the life of others
Apart from you
Everyday, be a blessing
To at least one person
Cos’ selfless men never miscue!
Let others learn from you
Help them imbibe the wisdom you imbued into your soul too
Let them shine like you
Like heightened hue
Brightened blue

if you really want to fly like great men flew
See life in twos
See life beyond you!

St. Rhymes, formerly known as Rhymovator, is a Spoken Word Poet, Inspirational Speaker, Author and story teller. He has been opportune to minister alongside popular gospel arts like Rev. Victor Atenega, Nataniel Bassey, E-Ben, Gbolahan, Vector, etc. After professionally staging his art in 2006. His message centers on the discovery of Purpose and Living a fulfilled life. St. Rhymes is also a Master of Ceremonies (MC).