LIKE UNCLE SAM- a poem by Adetimilehin VicAdex- Poet of d Week

Like uncle Sam,
But with a green and white cap
Naija points at you
I want you
Yes we want you
We want you to change your ways
To ascend beyond the greedy days
We want you to look into our eyes
And quench the hurt that hides behind
its tears
We want you care for the little man
And not your only self
We want you to torch the sky
With your bright dreams
To sail on the ocean of difficulties
With its icebergs of terror
But still bringing home
The Treasures of a new world
We want you to stand and leave your
Upon the sands of time
We want you to light our hopes
Shine as bright as u can be
Be the change that you seek
In this ephemeral stitch
In the fabric of time
we want you
To stand out...

Adetimilehin seeks to invoke crystal consciousness through all his works, be it public speaking, writing poems or performing them, writing articles, or painting.


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