DO NOT HAVE SEX- a Poem by Kafayat Quadri- Poet of d Week 290914

If you will tell a child that others are bad
If their religion is different
That they will rot in Hell
‘Do not say prayers if they die’
‘Their prayers will not reach heaven’
That money will buy anything
Work for money without love

‘You can only marry from a creed or a race’
Since you are will not tell the truth
You lie that others are dirty and barbaric
This is what you do
This is what you wanna do
This is what you wanna say
To the child yet to be in you
So, please do not have sex and if you do
Use protection if you must
Per chance it breaks
Desmond Tutu will adopt the child from you

If your woman does everything
You will not have anyone to watch this
Best believe me!
That boys do not cry in public
Only girls should have fresh pubic
That all unbelievers must die
The elementary classes on hate

That dreams are for fools
You don’t teach or a kind word or two
You cannot give emotional security
No one is forcing you
The world is already messed up without you
Parading prisons of xenophobia and other forms of hate
To those around you - It’s okay
But PLEASE do not have sex and if you do
Some contraception will work
Just in case it breaks
Wole Soyinka will adopt the child from you

Kafayat Quadri is a poet, singer/song-writer and guitarist who has been published in both local and international magazines/anthologies and co-edits the Poetry Digest Magazine with Jumoke Verrisimo in Nigeria.

As a musician and singer/songwriter, she has performed on the same stage with the likes of Jimmy Dludlu, Beautiful Nubia, Timi Dakolo, Justin Kingland, Cassandra Chong, Shaneil Devaser, TILU Band, Cats in Love Band, Ksatriya, Aduke, Bez, Ben Bamidele, Akin Cole, Bem Sar, etc.  In 2009, she performed at the Renowned Muson Jazz Festival. Her song was also featured as the Open Act for the Wole Oguntokun’s Theater at Terra, Victoria Island for 11 months. In the same year, she performed at the Farafina Book Reading For Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; 9 Writers and 4 Cities Project amongst many other book events and literary festivals in the Nigeria and now more recently has featured in similar events in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

She has just recently released (April 2014) an EP of four songs with recording houses in both Malaysia and Nigeria. The album is titled ‘KQ (the EP), with songs produced by Aman Junaid, Poetrydigestion House and Dare David.

Kafayat Quadri is also a Lawyer. She obtained her law degree from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, in 2007 and she’s currently studying International Criminal Law in Kuala Lumpur for her PhD. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Mockingbird Company, the publishers of the PoetryDigest Magazine, the first poetry magazine in Nigeria and the proprietors of the Poetrydigestion™ Clothe line.