FAMILIAR STRANGER- a poem by Olamiposi Omoyele- Poet of d Week 010914

Walking down the lane,
Suddenly hitting a pane,
Retracing my steps in staccato,
Commencing my quest on a crescendo.
Getting to a slope I employed my diminuendo                                          5
Oh too late-feet screeching in falsetto.
Tossing in the breeze
I felt my back graze.
Who shall mend my soul
as a cobbler mends soles?                                                                          10
Raising my head an octave higher,
Engaging in a sprightly encounter,
Warm eyes, stoic glare
Large heart, hands yore.     
Those hands that lifted me,                                                                        15
Transferring warmth to me!
Taking a pause
to feel my pulse,
His back is turned-
cushioned but angrily framed!                                                                  20       
"How long shall this breach be?"
Gone are you from sight,
Forgotten is your trodden path
Your paw struck me,
I'm so sore                                                                                                   25
Gone not by the gun,
Not gone yet gone-
gone in peace.
Here I am eating the lone peas
Hoping you return my piece                                                                     30
Lest I sleep without peace.

 Oluwa Olamiposi Omoyele is a student of North American University, Benin Republic. She is a linguist who loves anything written.


  1. Beautiful...

    imaginatively expressive...

    poetry indeed!!!


  2. Thanks Sir Adebote
    Edimulo, I really appreciate this revelation of my ink. Thanks for the acknowledgement sir!
    I'm humbled

  3. Beautifully written! Words flowing seamlessly yet in-depth. Well done dear. I enjoyed every bit.


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