12 MILLION NONSENSE- A Poem by Graciano- Poet of d Week 271014

Bending ending elden death -pending charismatic rodents
Presenting and re-presenting as representathieves of certain
Constituents in a certain conference
Is absolutely not what Nigerians want my friends
What Nigerians want is their fair share of that acrimoneyous 12
million nonsense
So silence!
I crave your indulgence
Take me to his Excellency’s presence
Let me vent what I sense
It's time to evaluate the past tense
The youths died in their tens
Corruption is given credence
Unemployment is the graduates' license
Merely running away from poverty is now life's essence
Suffer and die in silence
Or effortlessly send a certain eminence
To a certain conference
And let's continue the game of preference and pretence
Our breath is stifled by suspense
Giggling complacence nibbles our resilience
This conference
Is the confluence
Of same rigid affluence
The very requiem mass of the chinkili available penitence

Take me to his Excellency’s presence
I bare words from my bare mind as presents
Each sentence itches and reeks of vengeance
Terrorists are tugging the fence
Our securities are hugging the pence
Exported as foreign defense
At our expense
This several kaboom kaboom fatalities are evidence

The only thing that is no longer common is common sense
Your eminence,
You peer through your antiseptic concave lens
But you see nothing cause your eyes are tensed
Draconian edicts make your view dense
Sold is your confidence
Bought is your conscience
Your lush lost lust is way spookier than solomon's concupiscence
Each of your scullion minion opinion is worth a million nonsense
Your condition draws tears like the onion's influence
That greed has got consequences isn't an obsolescence
That a certain temporal sleep became permanence isn't a coincidence

The only sound I wanna hear now is the sirens'
Prithee, take me to his Excellency’s presence
Let me just vent what I sense
And when my tongue is torn or done with vengeance
Don't forget to hand to Grrraciano and this audience
My 12 million nonsense!

(c) March, 2014.

Graciano is a Port Harcourt based Poet who won War of Words season 3.  He also hosts a radio Poetry show in his city.