A MAN AND HIMSELF- poem by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson- Poet of d Week 131014

if a man should go out looking for himself
would he search inside the kitchen shelf
inside a frothy bottle robbed of its waters
or in the pockets of his pissed trousers

see, the man's ears are itching for his voice
over the cacophony of humanity's noise
should he wear earphones made from steel
climb a mountain or burrow under a hill?

ah, the man spends an hour before a mirror
lost, quivering, filled with untold horror
if he asks the image "please who are you"
will he know the reflection fears him too?

should the man seek escape – from nothing
choosing the comfort of rope and ceiling
would we mock, when we see his dead eyes
or offer our bit of kind, posthumous lies

what if that man appeared here writing this
would you show him the short path to bliss?

Kukogho Iruesiri Samson is a Sociopreneur, journalist and poet. He is the founder and CEO of Words Rhymes and Rhythm. Kukogho has authored one collection of poems, 'What Can Words Do?'.


  1. To find one's self is a step to creating one's self. I love this from my boss!!!

    1. The most unfortunate man is he that knows lnows not his purpose.

  2. Well, well, well...
    Though written last year, this is the first time this poem will appear in full in public space.
    Thank you EGC.

  3. I love this, we all need to find who we really are, it is the true essence of living.

  4. A man and himself!

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  6. Finding oneself in the right path
    Not wasting or residing in loathe
    Not casting spells of pity for failure
    When another is in his success' tenure.

    Man's primary purpose is self discovery and working towards achieving purpose.

    I love this boss

  7. A man always tries to be himself against all odds. But most times the world mock his efforts without offering to give him a better route.

    Nice one sir, as always.


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