MANSION DWELLERS-a poem by Edwina Neofloetry- Poet of d Week 201014


Let us carry our diggers, hoes and forks, so we can build us a mansion
A mansion so high that our ancestors would wish they were us
Let us not forget to create passage ways like a maze
so crooked that only us can unravel the trails without haste

Let us carry armored cables of truthful truths tied around our necks and arms
so that we will connect illuminating vision even inside this darkness
Let us not blow our whistle in the market square
so that the 'Osu' will not join in this fanfare

Let us not hesitate to carry our transistors and bicycles
so that when our world decides to turn blue and gray,
we will pedal afar off this bay
instead of hovering in aimless circles

Look not to the left nor to the right
Let us gather our strenght to move ahead even when in fright
Let us not forget to remember that the blueprint of this mansion will not be in black and white
It will be printed instead in your medula

This mansion will not be like the White House, House of Assembly or even the Aso Rock!
Ah! so, hand me that spatula
Let me mix the finest concoction that will cause you to forget,
the saboteur's way that led you blindly to an unknown dock

Let us build us a mansion that will house all the memories of our heroes past,
and all they did in their sphere
Listen carefully, lend me your ear
Please do read in between lines

Let us build, build and build a mansion
That's deeply rooted in our dynamic cultural heritage
No! No! let's not build it that way alone, please
Let us make sure it is deeply rooted in religious ambiguity,
Ah! not at all, should we dig, dig and dig deep into the pages of time past with impunity?

Look! Don't even try to create small dark compartments in this mansion
We will not hesitate to kick you out without pity!
My friends, this mansion will be built to target our youths, the unemployed
Eighteen million of them will oppose the two hundred thousand spaces her voice echoed

We are this mansion dwellers, for this is a great challenge of issues and questions
Let us whisper to the information peddlers

In this mansion, our high values will not be disregarded
We will keep it guarded
We will never be stampeded
Our voices will rise from below these mountains above us
and shake their very foundations
I believe in this mansion, its' truth and honesty
I strongly and silently blow my whistle
Come with your diggers, hoes and forks
so we can build us a mansion in history's record.

Impossible is a word only found in the dictionary of fools

Edwina 'Neofloetry' Aleme is a Poet based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. She often frequents poetry shows in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.


  1. You tread warily, but with sure and steady steps - yes we need transistors for the driving beat as we pedal along - and I’m quite fond of religious ambiguity.


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