Dear Literary friends,

It’s time again to recognize the creativity and efforts of fellow literary friends. We call for you to nominate Poets whose works you think deserve commendations in the outgoing year, under the following categories:

A. Top Written Poets… for written works in books, online, etc.
B. Top Spoken Poets… for performers/spoken Poets on stage, video, audio, etc.
C. Top Poetry Promoters… for promotion and development works in Poetry.
D. Top Cross over Poets… for Poets who did well in other creative areas too.

Note that minimum list we require are 15 names in each category (maximum of 25), otherwise points given to lists not up to them will be too small. The 4 categories will eventually lead to final Top 50 lists as a result of number of points received from nominations; nevertheless Top 5 in each category will be stated for commendations before final Top 50 list. We will also be having 3 ways of gathering nomination points which are general public (40%), a group of panelists (30%), and EGC team (30%).

The panelists are people whose creative prowess are respected in our society, mostly Poets, but we will not be mentioning them until the period of nomination is over. We also hope to announce that we will have awards for this project soon.

To nominate, simply give number to your list of Poets for the 4 categories (add reasons for nominations if you can) and mail to


EGC is a group dedicated to promotion of creative works. We organize quarterly Poetry and sundry Talents event in Ibadan called ‘Be Blessed’. This event has helped in developing many upcoming Poets by giving them a platform to perform alongside already established Poets. We also organize the annual 31 days of Poetry online and the annual Top 50 contemporary Poets who Rock Nigeria. We believe these activities are our CSR aimed solely to develop Poetry in our land.

We do not do our activities for ulterior motives; hence we pay little attention to adverts on our blog. We however have a Property, Photo, and Video production arm that we run to raise fund for our staffs. We only hope that you will join us in development of this art called Poetry in our nation, in your own little way.


EOB, for EGC