EGC Top 50 Contemporary Poets Who Rocks Nigeria is solely targeted to promotion of Poetry in Nigeria and the encouragement of a budding poetry industry. It is more of a score-sheet for efforts/results/activities though it could be said to be an award like some people are beginning to tag it (To organize award nights/events in honour of these Poets and to give award to Top 5 in the four categories mentioned below and Top 10 in the #EGCTop50 main category is also our vision, but then, don’t we need fund for these activities?). Nevertheless we know that receiving of award is not the ultimate but appreciation/promotion/recognition of the efforts of these Poets in a less appreciated industry.

Kindly take time to read our idea of the annual rating in response to what people ask:

A. What is the Concept?
We will measure how poets rocked Nigeria from December of previous year to November of year in view with the following criteria:
1. Written poetry
2. Performance poetry
3. Promotion of Poetry
4. Cross over in poetry

NB: Whilst the first 2 are easily understandable, the 3rd shall be for contributions to poetry promotion/development, and the 4th shall be for bringing fresh idea(s) to poetry, activity in prose, music, drama, etc. Accumulation of what scores Poets get from the above will lead to the 5th& main ranking/award ‘Top 50 Contemporary Poets Who Rocked Nigeria…’

B. What is the Acceptable Number of Names to be submitted for Ranking/Score/Points?
Ranking shall be done via collection of nominations from Poets/lovers of poetry, with them ranking their nominations from top 1 to least (minimum of 15) maximum of 25.

NB: Also note that when you rate your nominations from 1 to 15 (minimum) or 25, the highest score goes to your number 1 while lowest score goes to last name on your list. Failure to give minimum of 15 names for each category makes your nominations get lower marks as their score will start from (1) bottom/lowest score achievable, while if your ranking meets requirement score starts from 25.

C. How do You Arrive at a Reasonable Rank/Score Poets?
3 modes shall be used for ranking/score Poets
1. Fans appraisal (40%): a general nomination for awards by general public.
2. A panel (30%): comprising selected poets & lovers of poetry selected to research Nigerian poets in the year. Members of panel will not be disclosed to one another until all ranking process is completed.
3. EGC in-house team (30%): scores including& not limited to review of poets featured on EGC blog in the year.

D. What Strength does the Modes Carry?
1. Above carries x40points
2. Above carries x30points
3. Above carries x30points

E. Is There Limitations to nominated poets?
1. Must not be older than 50 years old.
2. Must have presence in Nigeria, online if not resident.
3. Must be a poet, not just a fiction writer or musician who sounds poetic.
4. Basis of ranking/scoring must be on works/activities done in the year of focus.

F. What do you mean by 'Rock'?
In regard to EGC Top 50, it means how people feel the impact of poetic activitiesfrom a Poet. i.e., it is how much they fared as a poet in growing Nigerian poetry industry, which includes their written/spoken poems, how much they contribute to growth/promotion of the art, and how much of their poetry they infuse to any other thing they do.

G. What do you mean by 'contemporary poets'?
We mean current Poets who are not necessarily tied to the old styles of writing, i.e.who exist at the same time, in same or near generations, and whose age bracket is between 1 to 50 years.

H. What should we look at before ranking/scoring?
Word play, activities in the year,achievements, and awards if any… then, follow your instincts.

I. Who are the people who rank?
People who are either poets or fans of poetry.

J. What is #EGCTop50 willing to do differently when compared to other awards?
Opinion from all and sundry is considered in order to carry out the exercise. There is no discrimination between the elite and budding poets.

K. What does EGC stand to gain from the ranking?
Nothing; EGC is not doing it for profit. The organization has other means of making money like a photo/video/film production & a real estate company.

L. What does the Poets listed gain?
The promotion! No matter how little it is a writer needs some promotion sometimes. Having a name on the top 50 will someday ring a bell in the ear of somebody and it will benefit the poet much more than promoters of the Poet; more so, we have readers from all over the world and you can’t tell who is reading EGC blog.

M. Why include people who joined in carrying out research in the top 50 ranking?
As long as they are Poets and their names are mentioned in the ranking, they deserve to be listed, in order to achieve true reflection and remove bias. More so, measures have been put in place to curtail them in ranking themselves unduly, while the biggest measure is that they don’t know one another till the exercise is over.

N. Some people argue that EGC does the Top 50 as a means to promote self. How true is it?
Check the blog. In times past, how many adverts did you see? If the aggrieved ones say we want to promote self, let them tell us what we gain by promoting self. We are simply contributing to promotion of Poetry in Nigeria.

O. Some people, even the poets you are promoting do not appreciate the ranking; is it not better to stop because of them?
It is not everybody who will appreciate what you do for them.

P. Does #EGCTop50 represent a true ranking of Nigeria’s Best poets?
We pay less attention to which Poet is better than which, but more attention to how they are appreciated all over. Every ranking/voting/polling is debatable but we do our best to present true result from our research/nominations. Perhaps, if everyone responds to the call, everyone will see result they want to see.

Q. Why use Nigeria in the title?
We are Nigerians. What do you expect us to use? Ghana? USA? The project looks at impact of Nigerian poets.

R. Are Poets encouraged to solicit for nominations?
No! We do not encourage poets asking people to nominate them. We want the nominations to come as much as possible from fans (poets/non poets) that see your work in the rating year and appreciate it, as freewill not from being asked.

Thank You.
Send in your nominations for the four categories to egcmails@gmail.com between 12th November and 12th December 2014 with Heading #EGCtop50

Once again, the categories are:
1. TOP Written Poets
2. TOP Performance Poets
3. TOP Poetry Promoters
4. TOP Cross over Poets

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