KEEP IT WISELY- a Poem by Olayemi Ayo- Poet of d Week 171114

Driven with ease
Easily driven with tears
Hard knocks to bow the heads

Tears to drop
As tears to flow

Ho! life is a life of challenges
The path of fire
The field of broken bottles to trend in pains without an end
All i need is tender lovely kisses to calm my nerves
Calm my tension which is like a naked wire

Give me kisses
Romances in abundance
Love me passionately with all your heart my love
Knowing fully well that tough time might be a rock
The close end might be a sword
My word of love of assurance , i give to you with all my heart
My heart is given to you , as a treasure
Keep it wisely , and do not break it asunder
Keep it wisely

Olayemi  Ayo was born in Liberia and schooled in University of Abuja. His philosophy of life is Social justice and fairness to all .
He is also called Wordsmith.