SUNMISOLA- A Poem by Veekthur- Poet of d Week 101114

when my eyes first saw beauty
Memories that rose with the sun
refuse to set with it at dusk.
It flirts with the valiant winds
that dance nakedly in the south

Your beauty,
sends a pleasant smell into every nostril
It consoles the wailing children
softens the hearts of heartless beings
and causes the dumb to desire speech

Yet, with all of these,
I see the tears that hid
behind your eye lids
I hear the resonance
of your secret silent wailing
For the thick clouds of terror that
gather to rain ruins on this land.

And it breaks my heart that;
when this perilous rain visits
I won't be fit to wipe your tears
For I am myself, buried in fears
that my roof, this rain will not spare
Yet, I ask you for one favour

Let not your smile perish
for that is what i cherish

But if this rain of doom
ruins our land and all that we have,
and the sun peeps through
the windows of heaven to
console us with mocking smiles
If at the end, this rain cease;
and the stars at night,
safely return from their self-exile,
Still, I plead,

let not your smile perish
for that is what i cherish

When our morning of mourning
ends with comforting dews
and we both stand on calm hills
to point at the destruction done
to the heartless rulers of this land
by the naked fiery rain of ruins
If by then, our tender hearts
still beats gongs of love anew
I won't cease to plead

Let not your smile perish
for that is what i cherish

©Veekthur 2014.

Veekthur (Victor) was born in Lagos Nigeria, and that's where he grew up. His passion for literature began at a very tender age, when he used to steal from his Mum to buy novels. As at the date of this publication he has written over 120 poems. 

He is also a Soul/Jazz Musician, nevertheless Music and Poetry are inseparable him.