WORLD WITHOUT PAIN- A Poem by David Owoeye- Poet of d Week 260115

I wonder in a world free of pain
I peep at the beauty of its freshness
In a path where of no ache or pain
In the way where all hopes attained
To grasp the peace of no sickness
To peruse the words of no fear
In the light of a future, that spells soundness
In the midst of a world, that renders joy
But the more I approach its unlocked doors
The farther I’m kept away from entering
And so I get to wonder
whether I will ever see it
A world free of pain and ache
World without pain.
© DSA, 2004

David Owoeye, a medical practitioner, is currently working with the MOH of Saudi Arabia. He has been into writing for about 18years now and majors on poetry. He served in various editorial board in medical school (Nigerian Conference of Christian Medical and Dental Student, University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital and Ilorin Medical Student Association editorial board) and his church.