IMAGINE ME- Poem by Ayomide Festus- Poet of d Week- 230215

Imagine man as fleeting dreams,
Journeying scattered,
Meandering down the corridors of doom.
Cadence like an elusive mirage,
Stealing away past every living homosapiens.

Imagine a nemesis free world,
The sand of time, a counterplot of deceit.
Another chance of exchanging tears
In shattered gourds.

What if words could speak?
A tender embrace on every flipping pages of history,
Narrating a tale
Of how she became an imperative master drive.

Imagine, if men were voiceless,
Anguish from the deepest castle of the soul,
Pain, another middle name
Misery, an untold tale of silence...

What if language was an apparition,
A lame delivery of discourse
Wrecking our world
And leaving illumination unperturbed.

Imagine if the firmaments had pillars,
Every single wave of cloudy galaxies,
Peeping through the horizon of the partial blue moon,
Leaving the empty space ravaged
With unbroken ecstacy.

What if death could be bribed?
A false credence in the maximisation of time,
Awakening possibilities of ordinary days
And bringing into constraints,ancient tombs

Imagine me,imagine you,
A fairy tale of existence,
Living every second of life,
Under the cover of starless nights,
Wallowing in a dark world.

Imagine me!

Ayomide Festus is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile ife. A budding Poet in his early twenties; he hails from the south western part of Nigeria. He is the first and only son of four children... He also loves to sing.


  1. so deep and richly prepared with imageries that can exhume the bones of dead poets.



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