OCCUPY NIGERIA- A Poem by Don Witty- Poet of d Week 020215

Been a while we await this
We've waited for years and ages
We've decided to leave our cages
To know freedom and what the taste is

As a virgin, we were raped
As a stranger we were duped
As children, we were malnourished
But their families and children flourished

They tried to tear us apart
They forced us to pull our pants
Heavy Sores, bruises on our faces
We eat sand and dine on faeces

They deceived us with oil subsidy
Locked the wise in police custody
The government has marched our toes
She forgot how she begged for our votes

Welcome to the era of the revolution
Bring justice to our nation
Time to execute our aspiration
Its our country, it’s our nation

Occupy Nigeria, kick away malaria
Occupy the nation, Occupy every area
Occupy the wicked, bring back peace
Occupy Nigeria, Occupy every area

Babajide Adenuga is a stand-up comedian cum poet with the stage name Don Witty. A graduate of Babcock University and currently pursuing masters in the University of Lagos. He has shared stage as a comedian with most top comedians such as Alli Baba, AY, Bovi, etc. He is single and in his mid twenties.