REFLECTION IN THE JOURNEY OF AGES- a poem by Abayomi Ogunniyi- Poet of d Week 090215

Shadow of the womb,
covered by the veil
of blood and water
beneath the coast
of sin.

Pulling the dark
chamber of the
heart and vein,
the clustered
string of good
and evil.

Crossing breeds of
the future by the
pathway of the past,

the dark key of the
present beneath the
till of the dust by
the sweat of your

Burning desire to
live beneath the
by the growth of
weed and grass of

Silent cave of
the dead,
the grave and plant
standing between the
storm of struggles for
the heart and soul to


Crying in the shades
of the sun,
covered by the thick
veil of the moon in
the shadow of your

Journey of no borders
by the unconditional
adventure of reality.

smitten love on the
sore and pain of
stricken stripes of
struggles on clue
and base of the dust.

Stories written by
your feet in the
script of the
unknown within the
light of the day.

Battles of close
doors in the field
of life,
to survive the scare
of the night.

Abayomi Ayodeji Ogunniyi is a 23 Years old graduate of Babcock University. He is aspiring to be a great writer and a poet