DIM PASSED- a poem by Olalekan Abe- Poet of d Week 290315

Up are the thick grey clouds
That veiled the shone of sun,
bring forth day or night doubt.

Rays of hope in you, gone.
Bloom been displaced by gloom,
run a red light against fun.

Glory drowned in gory;
Story by thy fury,
told and sung when lonely.

The sloppy cloud shall pour.
From the fumes of your hope,
Victory shall soon be forge.

Run along the grey clouds
for mouthful kiss of bliss,
And liss ye with still sound.

In your heart; ye find peace
when the grey clouds has sparsed
And the sun shine with ease.
Happy as lark shall you be when the dim has passed

 ABE Olalekan aka Poetic LekANTIC is a student of Botany in the University of Ibadan. An indigene of Osun state who also lives in Lagos. He prefers to be known as a free and easy going fellow with fully grown sense of humor. His hobbies include writing, playing games, travelling, and collecting human smiles in every activities. 

He is a writer, poet, story-teller and song composer. To him, poetry is either an irksome rant or pleasant chant of mind.