STRANGERS- a Poem by Oluwasegun Romeo- Poet of d Week 020315

we started this journey together
now the sun sets between us.

when you gave me an apron
i wanted to tell you that a thousand birds live
inside me
and they demand an audience.

when you kissed me
and blew smoke and soot into my face
i wanted to show you my cage that wants to be open.

you left to explore the winds
and I locked my words inside the portmanteau and pretended to love the four
walls of my world.

my birds sings of bondage
they cry
they lament.

when you kissed me
my body couldn't answer,
she searched for you
but all she could find are chains and keys.

my body is a thousand mouths of curses
and I hurl them at you
as I watch you collapse into a picture of my dad.

your face taste familiar,
it taste of men who've imprisoned my dreams,
men who walk with my face tucked into their trousers
and I willed you into a stranger I waved by the roadside.

the world is full of trees
and my birds long to perch on each one,
they long to dance along rivers.

my birds are flying away from you
they are running from the picture of me on the wall.

Oluwasegun Oriogun studies English and Literature at the University of
Benin. He's in love with words.