MADUABUCHI- a poem by Moses Opara- Poet of d Week 060415

They will try to cut you into pieces of rags
And fold your hopes inside a bag.

They will try to ferment your infant dreams
And patch your silence with tearful screams.

They will try to sprinkle fears on you
And make you feel lesser in you.

Why sit there in tears
And nurture their insane blows-
Why stunt your ears to hear
While in you hope flows.

Uwa by nke onye?
(The world is for who)

Moses Chibueze Opara hails from IMO state; son of a widow, he describes himself as a product of grace from word rhymes and rhythms. His poems have been featured in anthologies both local and international like the grapevine, angels cried, Kola award anthology, and for the Oklahoma tornado anthology, to raise funds for the victims and many more anthologies. He loves reaching out to people and believing in them and their dreams. Apart from poetry, he also loves drama & music.