POETIC BLESINGS- A Poem by Ifeanyi Prestige- Poet of d Week 110515

In the beginning were the blessings of the word
The word grew in leaps and bounds creating everything fine
knowing no boundaries in the limitations of time
carving out its content but couldn't be contained in its con tent

The word pierces through like a sharp sword
Leaving a huge hole in its path, which effect, you can't avoid
Unstoppable, remarkable, inculpable, impalpable
Invincible, invisible, infallible, impeccable
Sweet attributes of the word that giveth blessings yet, insufficient in
describing its majesty

Poetic blessings raining in my soul and penetrating the skin
pounding our hearts and loving in perfect rhythm

This blessing of poetry clothes words in robes of parables,
crowns of similes and jewels of metaphors
Figures in the speech running into a ditch
and rescued by words of deed

Indeed, the tendrils of this blessing capture the hearts of men;
Kings or queens, slaves or free, rich or poor, me or you
Just listen to the blessings
It resounds everywhere, even in silence.

Prestige Ifeanyi Bernard founded " The truth", an organization that promotes poetry in schools and inculcates values and civic consciousness in young minds. He has graced poetry platforms like ' chill and relax', Metro Fm Open Mic, Bobogiri Open mic and performs at seminars, conferences, radio stations and churches. He loves poetry and spoken word art with passion. He was the winner of the first edition of EGCs #BB mini-Slam.