This love won’t make me blink or fall asleep
It’s not a dream, its reality lured out of fantasy
I’m helplessly in love with you

Do you know
that the sound of your laugh, is the antidote to the sickness of human race
Do you know,
That your titanic chest, is the roadmap to heaven's gate
it  saturates my innermost being into a reckless gentle haste
It seized my brain for a thousand years in a day
And locked me into your presence from a distance
Far enough to beat the lacuna between Mercury and Neptune
Between morning and another shrouded dawn
Between genesis and end of eternity
This love exist in reality’s reality

For I’m helplessly in love with you

Every moment I taste the memory that brings forth the image of your face
I experience decades of bliss in one breath
Life cannot keep up with the game
‘Cos every time I gather my thoughts in your name
The hotness in mercury goes to rest
As the sun feast on my chest
For the sun, turns out less hot to compete against the fire of love
that burns in me
You are the life that keeps me breathing

And I’m helplessly in love with you

my cautions live out of what the envious mouth of the world can say
Because not loving you would lead the moon astray
Not loving you will shatter the heart of heaven
Will cease a beauty from the rainbow’s seven
No need to mouth a question
I’ve seen it all through the diamonds in your eyes, you are my vision

And I’m helplessly in love with you
I will keep singing this only truth
I’m helplessly in love with you

Every time you stare at me
Only us, seems to exist
The first time you gazed at me
The wall of Jericho crumbled down
Without singing Hallelujah

That intoxicated tune in your lung that calls only my name
Makes the devil a born again
Those lines that make up your six packs
Rewrote history at a glance
And made me rise helplessly in love with you

When you finally decide to hang your doubts behind you
Let certain certainty finds you
Before we communicate with God
Through the cut
I will bleed in love till forever dare to enter our court

I’m helplessly in love with you

When we kiss away our frights, the speed our tongues would go
Would prove that, AIR is not the fastest means of transportation, it’s
not even close

You’re my finest player
I will be your goal keeper
You can score as many goals as you can
For I don’t mind
You are my peace of mind
You are the divinity that is hard to find
You are the passion that burns in my soul
You are my heaven, my entire goal

I’m helplessly in love with you

Love is a positive fight only true soul mates can win
You’re the mate of my soul, the only genuine source of good feeling
You are the disease; I don’t want to be freed from
Every time you confess your love for me, the child in me springs up
And put our present continuous love poems on re run

This love won’t make me blink or fall asleep
It’s not a dream, its reality’s reality
I’m honestly helpless in love with

Kemi Bakare is an experienced young performance poet who has assumed the position of a performance director for the AJ HOUSE OF POETRY (A poetry performance organisation based in Lagos Nigeria). She emerged as the overall winner of WORDSLAM V organised by GOETHEINSTITUT in 2011. Kemistree has been shortlisted in various poetry competitions including the NIGERIA/ZIMBABWE POETRY EXCHANGE 2012. She has performed at various events such as the Lagos Black Heritage Festival 2014, Word up, Coterie, Be Blessed, Greatpath spokenword show, Wole Soyinka and @80, Vivid verses, Freedom spoke words, etc. She has been featured by various poets and rappers and was ranked 4th best spokenword artiste, 11th poet that rocked Nigeria in 2014 by EGC. She was also overall winner of the Eko Poetry Slam 2014. She was the first guest poet in Nigeria to perform for the 3rd Annual Celebration of the Unseen Awards alongside former Lagos state Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola (S.A.N).

Join us for quarterly performance poetry event tagged #BB in in front of UI Zoo, Ibadan
on 25th July 2015