31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 11- BASORUN GAA- by Aremu Adams Adebisi

The drum of life has been beaten,
Re-tie your headgears, and stiffen your wears.
The beat of life has been echoed,
Dance to the rhythm of endlessness.

I am a drummer, you are a dancer;
Two atoms meet on a compound field.
Kindly dance with your reading eyes,
Whilst I drum with my writing pen.

Basorun spitted activeness on my covered brain,
Burnt its abode of leisureness.
How could I have discerned,
The head of an elephant is no child's play?

I promise to avenge this dauntlessness;
I will crush his marrows, I will break his cords.
I will avenge with my scribbling pen,
As you dance to its cautionary beats.

Gaa has terrorized the rights;
Made the rights the lefts superiors.
He has terrorized the lefts;
The lefts were rights.

Gaa must have killed yesterday,
For today, he was found wanting.
But as he murdered today,
Yesterday lives.

Basorun was a man against Alaafin* Labisi.
Alaafin Labisi was a cobra.
Basorun found him a red-headed lizard,
And robbed him of his serpentry.

He was a cobra against Alaafin Awonbioju.
Alaafin Awonbioju knew the secret of the hairless vulture.
Basorun taunted him with a chicken's head,
So he could soar in the sky fearlessly.

Alaafin Agboluaje sensed the hovers of a vulture.
Couldn't he roar in the jungle of magic?
Basorun still slaughtered him a big fat hare,
And robbed him of his dominion.

Now he could hiss kings into rulership,
And could squawk them into dethronement.
He could roar the kingships into finality,
For who dared look into his lion's eyes?

Basorun Gaa,
God-father of Alaafin Abiodun -
The king whose heart has been dyed in the wool,
So that Gaa's backyard could not contain his countless slaves.

Oh Basorun, you have done me harm!
I sure will write you to immortality.
I will scribble to where your beats become a warning;
For only you knew how much human blood
Has been shed to fuel your selfishness.

Aremu Adams Adebisi is a student of Marcas Islamic Institution where he studies religious education. He is a poet who focuses on classical, lyrical, and indigenous poetry. He is an active member of the 'Figures Of Speech Movement' and was a runner-up to 'The Talented' maiden competition.

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  1. Bashorun! How much I love this piece is immeasurable!

    Boss Aremu, I'm following you o!


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