31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 13- I WILL BE BACK AFTER THE WAR- by Tosin Faith Kolawole


After the breaking of the morning silence with a cock’s crow

You’ll hear sounds like bombs and shots from guns

Waver not; stay still

The war is about to begin

You’ve known me as the feeble one;

The one that disappears into the thin air when there is danger

I showed you that side of me ‘cos it’s what you expected

From the one you call dove!

I am a lion in a dove’s clothing

A warrior that wakes after death!

You will see me armed with weapons

Search not for my charming smile-

It’ll be replaced with the cocking of my gun

And when I stand akimbo, don’t wave...

I’m set for war!


Learn to trust my words and interlock hearts in unison

Be set to watch me fight with fury

Let children hold firm to the mothers’ wrappers,

Let fathers lead the crowd

And able youths join in war

I will fight like our ancestors to set freedom free from its cage;

To wipe the unending tears on the corridors of your cheeks

To set the umbrella of love above us


On the day of war,

I’ll smile at the sun before and after victory

I will stamp my feet with confidence like an undefeatable warrior

I’ll walk on fear and bury weak feelings

On the day of war

I’ll picture war as a beautiful mistress

I’ll strip her off her pride

And let the world see the emptiness in her nakedness

On the day of war,

I’ll fight till the sun retires

I’ll fight till the stars congratulates me

Trust me to be back after the war


Feel free to wail like a weakling

But don’t lose hope in my return

I will be back after the war

I will be back after

I will be back

I will be!

I will...


Expect my return

‘Cos I will be back after the war

Till then, keep hopes alive

I’m a warrior that never dies on the battle field


And if I die,

Let my corpse return home

To fulfill my promise of returning after the war.

Surely, I shall return!

Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole is a young lady who hails from Ise-Ekiti, Ekiti state Nigeria. She has passion for creative writing and has been featured in both online and offline poetry platforms. Her constant improvement in writing knows no bound. She recently came second in the lenrie peter's poetry competition in The Gambia. She is also the brain behind "TeeFaith Crafts".