Call vacuum to be a witness
As we exchange our father's blood
For rusted shackles on this land
Where beauty begs for a veil
But first, call vacuum....

Call vacuum to be a witness
As the angry memories of our fatherland
Beckons on the hungry melodies of our motherland
But silenceeeeeee...
Isn't vacuum a confused man?

Kites fly, witches fly
Yet, birds of a feather
Flock together.....

Morning and mournings,
Evening and embers.
With wings on dauntless miles,
They came by, silently undressing
Our night in calm killings.

We have protected this great
Portion of our double-coloured
map with the edge of the sword
That chases our dreams to a land,
A land of no return.

Giant amongst dwarfs,
A horizon of bloodbath.
The feeble and the strong,
Artisans of agony and anguish.

Sons of pain,
Daughters of misery.
Fathers of torment,
Mothers of torture.


Arise O'compatriots!
Raise your arms and
Let your brother's blood count...

Make way,
Let freedom be chained and
Get corruption freed!
We love them, we aint gonna let them go.

Feed them O'country man
With the grains of bullet.
Let them suck O'posterity
From the sour nipples of their misdeed.

Clear their homes and
Erase their names from the pages
Of history.
Nurse them with hunger and watch
them die like our fathers died.

Let your sword, O'village hunter
Caress the veins of their neck,
And let their blood see them off
To their early grave.

With our tears and blood,
We will hoist this heavy flag
And nations shall know that
From the prisons of inequality,
Freedom has been freed.

Ayomide Festus hails from the south western part of Nigeria. He is a final year student of the Obafemi Awolowo University... He is in his early twenties; a wielder and lover of words.