31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 15- ADEJOKE- by Foursyte Bogani

Place your stethoscope
On my naked chest and listen
My heart beat
Boom! boom! boom!
Just like the festive drums
And it sends a burning trail of sensation through my 'neurobiological' system
In a clear wealthy glimpse
My penchant for love have risen
To utter an earnest question to you
Adejoke! Adejoke! Adejoke!
What have you done to me?
Incessantly I ask, I ponder
Fading into cosmos being
Unfolding mysteries of who you are
Stars lingered, while your charming piercing smile stood afar
In your absence I still perceive gracious fumes
And see pictures of your proud wobbling curves that take the shape of a half-moon
Are you coming back soon?
To temper my frustration and comfort me in my solitude
Like a fall of a colossal hickory
On the soil of antiquity
For heaven's sake
Am not the man I use to be
Freezing in your world
my blood congeal
In bushel my feelings for is everyday grow
Your beauty reminds me of Africa
So natural, so bold
The sweetness you bring to my belly
Is more than amala and ewedu
Shaki and kpomo
Oliver twist, I can't stop asking for more
I left many diamonds behind
Chasing your behind that carries the weight of one ethnic group
Never will I care
if they call to me olodo*
Cos no sane man will ever fall in love
Was Sampson wise enough to lose a hair?
If Solomon could witness you
He will let his ink run miles without panting for breath
But remember, a crocodile looks for food inside the river
Near the river bank
While a lion hunt for prey inside the forest
Now tell me
Have I not come to the right place to quench my thirst?
Ah! Adejoke! Adejoke! Adejoke!
You dare not say no
No one ever runs in darkness
When it comes to dance the legs never get old
Dance to this my ‘rhythm-tic concormatic akpala’
Emanating from the soul that knows the mysteries of together
When our love reaches the sky
Angels bless our fortune and make it last forever
My pocket might not be long as the third mainland bridge
But I've come to give you what cannot be taken
Cry not the shade above your head let it be my thought
Lie in the shadow of my care let your worries go to sleep

Foursyte Bogani is first a Nigerian Hip Hop Emcee and poetry artist. He holds a B-ENG degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering. He was one of the finalists In Nigeria's foremost poetry slam competition, War of Words Season3. He has recorded several singles, done many live shows which includes WS80 Project, Wordup volume 8, and still counting.