31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 16- APHRODITE- by Kehinde Ademoye Drama

The Greek goddess.
Known more for her beauty.
Could make a man guilty
Of desires unbecoming.

A black beauty is what you are
And you have raised the bar.
With your pretty face,
You are an ace.
First among equals.

The thought of you
Causes my heart to race.
Wishing you are my beau;
Adorned in wedding lace
Walking towards me.

Black they say is beautiful
What more proof do I need?
To be truthful,
I'd like to feed
On your love.

Was deep in thought
Wishing she was here.
Was deeply hurt
Putting all to bare

She was not just a pretty face.
She had the heart to go with it.
Going in this maze
I am hard hit.
Sorrow envelopes me

Then I heard the footsteps,
Followed by a soft voice singing,
I look up to see that smiling face.
All my troubles fade in comparism.

You ask me why?
My Aphrodite has come come
She has come home to me.

Kehinde Ademoye Drama as he likes to be called is a scientist who is in love with the arts. He has always been in love with stage, hence the name, "Drama". He is also a writer of poetry, stage plays, short stories and novels; though unpublished. He is a sucker for love, hence there is always an element of love in his writings. Kehinde is a lover of God; he tries to influence people positively and give a helping hand wherever he is.