Who made the world like this?
Without money you can't eat
Without money u can't cloth
Without money u can't coat
If there is a chill u freeze
cus without money u sleaze
Who made the world like this?
It costs more to love without money
Without money you can't marry
That sooner breaks upon hitting the reality curve.
Who made the world like this?

Without money u can't talk
Cus now u have to pay some money to call out
If u fall out It takes money to shoutout!
If u do it on your own you pass out.
Who made the world like this?

Without money there is disease
People die of curable things because
without money they have no means
Even kids are left to drift
when there is no money
There is nobody
Everyone is afraid to care without money
If u remain u share in the pain or even the blame
And this is tough without money.
Men are mocked if they gat no money, their dreams are flunked
Because all ideas is money money money
Who made the world like this?
Who made the world like this?
without money u can't drink
water is free but if you thirst you pay for every sip
Everywhere is a fine sign to pay some money
Sadly our women hunger without money.
Their dignity gets gritty
without money.
Beauty is money. Smelling nice is money.
Fine hair was free but now cost money
So looks is money. Trust is money.

Clean air is money, life is money, positive thinking is money,
because hate comes from the lack money
Damn who made the world like this?
Religion is money the Church is money
because spreading the word cost huge amount of money.
So Consulting God without money is risky
the endless waiting and waiting in solitary...
Locked in the streets fainting, hating,
cursing lusting awaiting the keys to luxuries.
Who made the world like this?
young teens slowly crawl into old men
trying to save up fees to accomplish teen dreams...
Old men hide out from their kids because 
all they got are weighty words
for a world that demands just money.
Who made the world like this?
When every single thing I've mentioned were once free.

Yet years pass by and many good intentions sleep in sighs

(Inspired by discussion with some friends)

Razaq Ivori is easily one of Nigeria's most controversially unique spoken word poets. His popular spoken word piece Minds Going Loco is scripted in pigin English and has chorus lines like song verses- breaking orthodox performance rules to reach the common man in the street. He has been approached for several artistic collaborations with international music bands namely the Beat Circuit (USA) and 1undread (UK). His latest performance at the Black Heritage Festival earned him an invitation to the prestigious Art festival in Lisbon come July 2016. Razaq Ivori studied in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and the international school of journalism. He currently resides in Lagos. Some of his works can be seen here: