31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 23- COSMETIC SURGERY- by Enigmatic Olumide

For how long
How long do we need to wait?
For our heart of stone to become flesh
How long do we need to be in this theater?
With our hearts opened wide for surgery
For too long

But the folks outside look at us and smile
As naïve as they were, they call us blessed
Oh, Look at His beautiful wife and His beautiful kids
Her husband flies first class;
his house is the dream of all girls

I wish they were us, so they could wish for something else
Never thanking God for what they have
But only looking at the greener grass on the other side of life!

They never knew
This was a cosmetic surgery
And we hide behind the foundations, pancakes, & mascaraed brows

Though we smile as though all is well
Deep inside we know that these hearts are rotting
And if these doctors do not get us out of this theater
We may just die
Or become a couple without a heart

For how long?
How long do we need to walk down the aisle?
Yet each time we come out we continue to mourn
Not moan
Our heart is a combination of many failed marriages
We have removed the bed and now we sleep on the boxing ring
With our children knocking and crying behind the closed doors
Saying daddy-mummy please open the doors!

But so many times after we’ve opened these doors
Pretending that daddy and mummy were just playing
In the bedroom
We’ve opened the hearts of these little ones
To violence in marriage
Not just in marriage but in their relationships

The boys learns to punch and beat their girlfriends
Because they know that daddies should be stronger
And if a woman does not take the biddings of a man
He beats her
Till the woman knows that a man is the head of the house
And the neck must always turn wherever the head wants to go

But the baby girls are no fools
They begin to learn the ways and the trickeries
Of the many ways to make a man do their biddings
And if a man will not fall for their trickeries
They either kill him
In their hearts, or at night without sex;
or with extra-marital affairs

They may even train the kids to love and trust their mother
At the expense of their father
Because unlike the woman; the man is not always there
And in the future, I doubt if he will ever be

For how long
How long do we need to carry this cosmetic surgery?
Pretending to the outside world
That all is well
When all is hell
Deep within we know our hearts were never right
But then we lie
We are just fine
So we hold hands in public gatherings
At Christmas parties and family meetings
We want men to see us as good
But in our hearts we were never cool

Kissing and hugging may be the movie we show to the world
While the tears we shed still hides under our skin
Our hearts bleed
But friends do not feel the trouble we see
By remaining on this same spot
In ages; not wanting changes
The ears we tell may for once hear us and forget
But our soul may never forgive the pains we inflict on ourselves
not the ones our partners caused
But the ones we dwelt with
And refused to change
Till this marriage
Becomes the rubbles
Left behind
After this matrimonial war ended

© 08.02.15. 10:00-10:30am

Olumide Bisiriyu (also known as The Enigmatic) is the CEO of EGC media. A Real Estate Consultant, Cinematographer, and Photographer; he likes to be creative with everything, especially by moving away from status quo. His poems have been featured in several online and real time media. He has also performed on various stages. He is currently working on a Spoken word album and poetry collection.