When we couldn't see peace floating on waters of humanity,
Our eyes were revived with seas jumping from our eerie eyelids
Down to the desert where anguish laid beneath pierced pores,
Eating normalcy behind regrets that turned our lips to sorrow.

We peeped through the shadows of dawn's sigh,
And all we could see were trees growing grief, not leaves,
For our brothers' bloods were the manure behind their rapid growth
On the sucking soil where turmoil is the root holding our land.

Our wishes have crawled to the river where power baths in promises,
Only to be battered by actions placed between whale's incisors
Where believing thumbs are bereaved to believe no more,
Despite being told of the wealth awaiting them at its throat.

Yet, our trust still journeyed to the high hill shadowed by ill hope
Where dreams stumbled like rubbles amidst thorny muds
Graced with futility as they wander about for the lost beam
Which would come only if they're not made to snore in silent death.

Even before rains reigned with strokes striking our helpless pains,
Gavel had burnt freedom and sprinkled its ashes on justice
Around the tomb where rights were turned feeds for favoritism
To be served on the voracious desires of movers and shakers. 

Our skins have perceived deceit in folds, wrinkling on us poverty.
Our noses have heard sweet noises from transformation
Which could only form and tag us late on this feeble fate
Where another whirling agenda with unsure stillness beckons. 

Now the virgin cloud is pregnant-grumbling, roaring.
I hope it's not to swallow the impotent normalcy we nurse daily,
Because the punctured winds are whistling change into our eardrums
Already filled with bombing tales from erstwhile nightmares.

Yes, under this roofless breath we cage our hope for change!