31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 29- ATTENTION- by Clemency Green

I need your attention
We're no longer at ease
One end of our nation is lighting up
like rolled up cannabis
By people claiming religion
but are religious-ly
high on cannabis
High, the smoke rise-s
Into the skies
Skies, that saturate with our cries
Cries, that evaporate from our eyes
Eyes, of a little child watching as his parent dies
And his hands, his hands
His hands clutching cannot stop the flies
Or cause the bodies not to rot
And you and me
And we are just there, watching...
Or rather, it seems we're not

I need your attention
We are no longer at ease
Things fall apart and Nobody sees
One end of our country is lighting up like rolled up cannabis
And it's spreading, more virulent than Ebola disease
Yet We, like Pharisees
We've learned to succumb to circumstances
We're going under water
And I'm not talking hydrostatics
Let's say this was physics
3rd law of motion
Every action has a reaction that goes with it
But our reactions are inactions
A lack of emotions
That further enact their actions
Reactions like
'The North is not my business
Cut me that crap please'

But please
Listen to this
No need to compromise
Already complicated complacencies
with complexities
But think about this
If you're neutral in the face of injustice
It just means and it just is
You've chosen the side of the oppressor
So which side are you?
Who are you fighting for
if you claim to know nothing about it

Read all about it
Read all about it

I don't need your applause please
All I need is your attention
We are no longer at ease
One end of our country is lighting up like rolled up cannabis
And all Nigeria needs
To clot this wound that bleeds
is for violence to cease
Spreading like a disease
And for peace to increase

Igbor Clement (alias Clemency Green) is a Medical Student at the College Of Medicine, University of Lagos, LUTH. He is a Poet whose poetry has won several awards, applause and accolades. He's winner of a poetry competition organised by the Law Society, University of Lagos in 2013, 2nd runner up War of Words 4 Poetry Slam Competition. Acclaimed Medilag's resident Poet,  He's 2nd runner up Mr Medilag 2015 beauty pageant and a breast and cervical cancer awareness ambassador. He has featured on several radio and tv shows and has graced several stages in Nigeria. He uses his Poetry to Change the world, one stage/page at a time