31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 31- NIGHT MARKET- by Kolade Freedom

Today, we reach the last day of yet another 31 days of poetry. Many thanks to the poets who submitted their works to be shared (you all are wonderful), and thanks to those who joined us in sharing like Kukogho Samson, Neofloetry, Graciano, Tade Writes, Iyabadan, Esoteric Joshua, Olulu, Chika Jones, etc.

Some poets said they sent entries, but till date we have not seen them; apologies. For those we saw, we promise to still share in the overflow (but now as poets of d week); again we are sorry, you know we will go against the concept since it’s a poet per day for 31 days thing.

Finally, today we will be sharing a poem from Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom. But before we go, we will say you should keep writing and posting; let the writer in you outlive you. So here it is…

Oja Ale (Night Market)

Oja ale,
The sun gradually leaves the scene
to get some rest in a faraway abode,
for us to creep out of our slums
to trade pettiness by the roadside.

Our voice, like the buzzing of the bee,
defies the defiant silence of the night
sweetening the ears of passers-by
whose weary feet halt at our stands.

Atupa, our constant companion,
illuminates our trades with fortune
drawing the attention of sojourners
to the good that lies in our goods.

Oja ale,
an egalitarian eager to meet the demands of all
a practical democrat fair and just to all,
a socialist loathed by bloated capitalists,
an illegally legal arm of commerce.

Oja ale,
a necessity necessitated by
the nagging needs of the masses;
an ageless, formless and 'homeless' structure
withstanding the winds of modernism.

*Oja ale- night market
*atupa- local lamp


Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom was born in the early '90s in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, Nigeria. As a child, Kolade fell in love with African literature which inspired his passion for creative writing. His literary works have appeared in such diverse publications as global charity anthologies, magazines, websites and blogs. He is the author of two poetry collections, The Light Bearer and Punctured Silence.