31 DAYS OF POETRY- DAY 4- EUREKA- by Bankole Kolawole

Under the unclad moon;
Burying the illuminated sun’s scorch,
We smooched our fettered lips;
Tingling, jingling soul jars;
into a sole jar of ecstasy.

Her moans stretched through my bones to the marrows,
Giggling the capillaries in my arteries,
where pain melted.

The jingling jugging tingles
of the cicada singing birds
echoed solemn songs
into our charged lobes.

And as my feeble fidgety fingers figured
the keys to the KEY room;
Eureka!, A loud bang rudely landed on my spine,
It was a rude dawn.

***Ecstatic fantasies of a Poet***

Bankole Kolawole, popularly known as BankHALL is a young graduate of Accounting from the prestigious University of Lagos. He's an ardent lover of words who enjoys writing lyrical poems, weaving words together to produce a fascinating effect; such was his growing obsession for poetry and Spoken Word in recent time. He has performed at churches, mini-social events, etc. infusing deep indigenous idioms and proverbs into his art.
BankHALL is a co-founder of Love's Den Initiative (a growing  NGO), a member of Words, Rhymes and Rhythm(WRR); an online poetry college, Figures of Speech (FOS) Poetry Movement and several other online platforms. His hobbies aside writing are dancing, compere, football and acting.

Join us for quarterly performance poetry event tagged #BB in in front of UI Zoo, Ibadan
on 25th July 2015