Little by little
All things will settle
Do not be quick to fight any Battle
Nor rush not a drink in a Bottle
Cos Life is a like Subtle race
like a Marathon race
So run steadily like Haile Gabriel Sellassie
You see, in this race, the Human race
Slow and steady wins
Run! Little by Little
Says the wise old Turtle

Little by little
Line upon line
Rhyme upon rhyme
Let me take you on a journey of Wisdom
Cos zeal without Wisdom
Will wreck your Kingdom
But the wisdom of Little by little
Will become a lot
Like you won a Jackpot
Like the way roses Blossom
Little by little

Little by little
A little Here
A little There
Will get you Where you should be
This may take some Time
So take your Time
Learn the Ropes
Broaden your Scope
Strengthen your Hopes
Little by Little

Little by Little
Step by step
That's how to build a good Rep
Do not Miss-step your Footsteps
As your Foot Steps on the path of greatness
Be sure not to overstep boundaries
Nor allow your fears freeze your footsteps to your doorstep
Cos the journey of a thousand miles
Begins with just one step
Step out, Little by Little

Little by little
All things will settle
Like the bubbles of boiling water in kettle
Taken out of Fire
You can get your heart desire
If you Rest-in-Peace
Trusting the Prince of Peace
Now, I end this Piece
Little by little

St. Rhymes formerly known as Rhymovator, is an anointed and creative Spoken Word Poet, Inspirational Speaker, Author and a Master story teller. He's the convener of a yearly poetry event OVERFLOW and he also teaches spoken word poetry tips on a platform/workshop tagged WORDSHOP. Read more about him on www.saintrhymes.wordpress.com


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